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Luann and the Virus
I didn't directly address the pandemic in my comic strip LUANN but I wanted to help. So I created a series of six images for the LuannFan page on FaceBook. This is one.

Pickup decorated for graduation
Decorated pickup truck with graduation cap. Street sign: Twin Oaks Valley Rd.

6 months with no hugs & pets 
Pixie & I were a team with Love On A Leash for 11 years going to many places to make people feel better. That included CSSM Pause for Paws.

Back in late Nov. 2019 I was diagnosed with Leukemia. After a month in the hospital I returned home & was…

Kristen we are so proud of you
Silver van in CVS parking lot. Pink balloon letters spell "Kristen we are so proud of you."

SUV decorated for graduation
Black Nissan on Twin Oaks Valley Road, decorated with balloons & banner.

Michael, Criselda, and Justin Yee celebrate graduation
In CVS parking lot. Michael, Criselda and Justin Yee next to white convertible with sign.

Van celebrating graduation
Back view of a van that reads "CONGRATS MELANIE"

Faculty at the graduation parade
2 faculty members. One in regalia, one in white pants holding sign that says "Congrats ABSN 31 TBSN 13." Craven Drive.

Lined up along Craven Drive
Line of cheerers, faculty and staff. One person waving. Craven Drive by Lot B.

Congratulations Cougars!
Marilyn McWilliams (Office of Inclusive Excellence) waves a handmade sign that says "Congrats 2020 Cougars." Craven Drive.

Campus workers waving cars through inflatable arch
Campus workers waving drivers through the inflatable arch over Craven Drive, halfway up to Craven Circle. Inflatable arch has sign with "Graduates on Parade" written at top of arch.

Lined up to cheer on graduates
Line of staff cheering for grads. Signs are from Veterans Services. Craven Drive.

California State University San Marcos employees waving signs
California State University San Marcos employees waving signs for graduation. Craven Drive.

Waving to graduates
Floyd Lai, Director of the Cross Cultural Center, waves a white pom to passing graduates. Craven Drive.

So proud of you
Senior Academic Advisor Colette Magoon holds a handmade sign during Graduates on Parade graduation ceremony. Sign says, "Academic Advisors are so proud of you! Stay resilient, hold onto your dreams, best wishes!!" Craven Drive.

A simple equation
David Barsky, Mathematics faculty holding a handmade sign that states "CSUSM Mathematics as simple as [math equation]." Palm Canyon Drive.

Graduating on parade
One female grad sitting outside her car window. Colorful graduation banner ("Congratulations 2020") on side of black Honda. Parking Lot F.

Graduating and cheering
One female grad leaning out of her car window, holding out both arms, holding a balloon bouquet. Parking Lot F.

Graduation in an SUV
Large black SUV with one student sitting outside his window. White and black banner on side ("Congrats grad!"). Blue and silver balloons and gold balloon numbers. Parking Lot F.

Waving the CSUSM flag
Vertical shot of Michael Yee waving the CSUSM flag. Parking Lot F.

Masked up SUV
"White SUV wearing a giant protective face mask! Banner reads ""Congrats Jasmine""
""1st Gen Go Jazz Woot! Woot!"" Parking Lot F."

Palm Canyon Drive and Lot E
Driving past Lot E, looking down the hill towards Craven Circle. Sign reads CONGRATS GRAD. Palm Canyon Drive.

Around the Corona Neighborhood
All around the neighborhood we have these posted on mail boxes. Each is a different exercise or yoga pose. Sign says "Great to see everyone out walking! I'm posting some standing excercises [sic] to keep it interesting. Please feel free to post your…

COVID Grocery
Shelves like these would seemingly rotate around the store depending on the day... If they had received a shipment that day the shelves would have something on them but if it had been a few days then they would be empty. You wouldn't even enter the…

Out of Stock
Sign at entrance of Costco in Carlsbad, CA showing items unavailable or in short supply.
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