6 months with no hugs & pets 


Dublin Core


Pixie & I were a team with Love On A Leash for 11 years going to many places to make people feel better. That included CSSM Pause for Paws.

Back in late Nov. 2019 I was diagnosed with Leukemia. After a month in the hospital I returned home & was placed on restricted visits since I was immune comprised. Then the Corona virus hit and I was really put on lockdown. That has meant Pixie, my therapy dog is home bound also. I know she misses her calling even though she can't tell me other than looking at me with sad eyes.

So many lives have been impacted by no visits from therapy dogs across the country. Here it is almost May and we are still on lock down. It will probably be months yet before therapy dogs can go out & do their magic. Care facility, schools, libraries, & camps will be last to resume.

Pixie is 14 now, so maybe her & I will not be able to return when things reopen. 11 years of making people smile is bitter sweet.



CSUSM University Library


Together/Apart: The COVID-19 Community Memory Archive






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